Streuobstmuseum (Fruit Museum)

Lehrhütte Streuobstmuseum

n the Streuobstmuseum (Fruit Museum), established in 1995, 45 high-trunk fruit trees -almost forgotten cultivars- are exhibited. Signage informs visitors about the origin, growth conditions and harvest of apples, pears, cherries, plums and wild fruit.

In the Information Hut, open only during special events, you will find more information about the exhibition and traditionally managed orchards. There are also many other interesting things to see in the complex’s outdoor area; a cottage garden, different nesting aids, and a hedge of local trees and shrubs

Streuobstmuseum (Geoportal/Stadtplan)

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Stadt Bruchsal
Hauptamt, Abt. IV
Kaiserstraße 66
76646 Bruchsal
Tel: 07251/79-456