Many roads lead to Heidelsheim

Coat of Arms of Heidelsheim

Heidelsheim, a former imperial town in the east of Bruchsal, can be reached in different ways. It can be reached by the city bus (“Max”), the railway S9, bicycle or car via the Bundesstrasse 35.

From a distance the skyline is dominated by buildings of the malt factory, which is a malt supplier for breweries all over the world.

The district’s landscape to the east boasts the impressive curved hills of the Kraichgau Region and is predominantly covered with forest, fruit trees and vineyards. While in the west, the landscape is dominated by farming. The Grosse Wald, which also makes up the district’s unique and impressive landscape, has excellent hiking trails.

View of Heidelsheim

Visitors to the historic town center will be impressed by a history that traces back to the Middle Ages. Some of the residential buildings were rebuilt in 1689 after the destruction of the town. The town consists of many historical town houses, a spacious market place with a fountain, narrow alleyways, medieval defense towers and remnants of the city wall. In addition it also has the Baroque city gate housing the museum of local history, the Protestant Town Church with its high tower, the former Catholic Church of the 16th century, and the town hall located in the former hospital building.

Katzenturm "Cat Tower"

For persons interested in history, a walking tour with posted signs provides insights into the history of the town and its development. During special guided tours, tower keepers, night watchmen and tourist guides bring the past alive. In the odd numbered years, the people of Heidelsheim celebrate their historic Reichsstadtfest (Imperial City Festival) in remembrance of the importance of the town in the Middle Ages. Street markets during the Easter season and the Kerwe Markets are similar to the traditional markets of the Middle Ages.

We welcome your visit to Heidelsheim and assure that you will feel comfortable in our beautiful town.

Inge Schmidt, Local Representative


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