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Coat of Arms of Helmsheim

The smallest district of Bruchsal provides its visitors a variety of places of interest. Helmsheim was for the first time mentioned in 769 in the Deed of Donation of the Lorsch Monastery. However, archaeological findings of grave mounds reference that the Helmsheim District had already been populated more than two and a half thousand years earlier

Coming from Bruchsal, your tour starts when you reach the privately owned Steiner Mill. The Mill was mentioned in documents in 1292 and was twice totally gutted by fire during the 17th century and has remained inhabited for many generations.

During your tour along the Kurpfalzstrasse you will reach the picturesque Rathaus (Town Hall) with its recreated village square. The building which was reconstructed a few  years ago, was built in 1877, as both a town hall and a school. Just a few doors down from the Town Hall, you will arrive at the “Alter Kelter“ (Old Wine Press Building). Built in 1782 as a wine-press house, it was later used as a village bakery until 1960. In the mid-1980s, it was completely renovated by an initiative of four clubs who have been using and caring for it until now.

Old Wine Press Building, Photo: Martin Heintzen

On the other side of the street, you initially see an “old barn“. This building, constructed in 1757 and used until 1911, was the first Protestant church in town. In July 1911, the new Melanchthon Church was inaugurated in the Karl-Friedrich Strasse. Renovation of the church was recently completed.

Passing Dossentalstrasse, a steep hill leads up to the St. Sebastian Catholic Church. The corner stone of the church was laid in 1753, and parts from the original smaller medieval church were included in the construction along with the existing steeple of 1568. Inside the church, don’t forget to take a look at the beautiful altars.

Former Residence of the Mayors with Jordan's Spring, Photo: Martin Heintzen

Also along Dossentalstrasse, you will find House No. 3 which was built in 1845 by Mayor Johan Georg Feldmann, and was restored in 1996.

Complete your tour at the Brunnenstube near the end of the village in the direction to Obergrombach. In 1952, the building was constructed to house the Schlossbuckel spring and was restored by private funding in 2004.

We hope to meet you on a tour of Helmsheim soon.
Kind regards Tatjana Grath - Local Representative


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