Shopping in Bruchsal

“No trade, no town!“
This is the motto of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Retail Association, Bruchsal has embraced and is supported through the many number of retail outlets in the city.

We have always believed that urban growth in our community is dependent on a strong retail presence in our town center. We have commissioned many different concepts and through our learnings we will continue retail expansion of our Town Center to better serve the needs of our citizens and visitors.

It is our goal to strengthen the urban triangle between the market place, Friedrichs- and Schönbornplatz and to make it a top shopping location.

Today, Bruchsal has the new Town Hall Gallery at the market place. It was opened on November 11, 2010 and within approximately 7,000 square meters of space, it provides a wide range of goods which cater to the needs of today’s consumers. Among the shops located here are: Hennes & Mauritz, S’Oliver, Drogeriemarkt (health and beauty retailer) Müller, Ernsting`s Family, Rewe Fresh Foods Market and Easy Sports.

In 2008 the Friedrichsplatz and the Friedrichspalais were completed. On that retail space of 1,900 square meters, are C&A Textile Store and Reno Shoe Shop. An additional 2,200 square meters of space are occupied by law firms and medical practices.

As the third milestone in the urban design of Bruchsal, the Schörnbornplatz deserves special recognition. It is surrounded by numerous small shops and in the center of the Schönbornplatz there is a trendy and inviting Bistro. In March of 2011, the fashion store Jost, was opened in the pedestrian zone .

Numerous smaller shops in the town center, along Kaiserstrasse, at the Kübelmarkt, in the Hohenegger, and in the Bruchsal urban districts provide an enjoyable shopping experience for residents and visitors alike. When shopping in Bruchsal, there is always something exciting to discover!

Most retailers in Bruchsal are members of the Werbegemeinschaft Bruchsal (advertising association) and their cooperation helps to contribute to an exciting and inviting Town Center. The members of the Retail Advertising Association are partners in marketing, and collectively, the group’s interests are represented by the association in local political and municipal matters.

Sunday shopping, shopping nights and activities in the Pre-Christmas period have far-reaching effects within the region and strengthen Bruchsal as the region’s central shopping point.

There are other retail operations in commercial parks on the outskirts of the city; Stegwiesen, in the southern part of the town, Am Mantel and Heimenäcker and commercial parks in the urban districts


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