A modern urban district with an eye on the future and an appreciation of its historical past

Coat of Arms of Büchenau

Büchenau is located in the southwest area of the city in the flat Rhine Rivers plain area called the Hardt west of the Autobahn 5 (A5). In the past Büchenau was both a tobacco and asparagus growing region, whereas today, asparagus (Germany’s “Royal Vegetable”) is the dominant crop. Originally, Büchenau was a small village located along a single road – the “Au in den Buchen”. Büchenau has now expanded to include new housing developments on the east and the west.

Parish Church St. Bartholomäus

Today, 730 years after it was mentioned in documents for the first time, the village, with more than 2,200 inhabitants, is an attractive pulsing local community with a strong sense of its historical and cultural heritage. The district has a large number of social clubs and boasts many different cultural events which attract a large number of visitors. The traditional Carnival Parade and the annual Asparagus Festival are two of the larger events hosted by the Büchenau District.

For about 750 years, Büchenau belonged to the Stift Speyer monastery which had a huge influence on the town. For example, after its baroque reconstruction the St. Bartholomäus parish church was inaugurated on September 2, 1742 by the Prince-Bishop Cardinal Damian Hugo von Schönborn which gave the church a special historical importance. When you take a tour of the district twelve historical plaques along the main road, “Au in den Buchen” give an overview of the village’s history. There you will also find information about Büchenau's past and present - old timbered houses, remnants of the ancient Franconian courtyard-style buildings, former and present restaurants and culinary establishments, beautiful stone roadside crosses.

Aerial view of Büchenau

To learn more about Büchenau, please visit the district’s web site at  www.bruchsal-buechenau.de. The book “Büchenauer Impressionen“ (ISBN10 3-89735-454-3), with two supplementary special editions, will give you further information on the history of the town.

Come to Büchenau. We are looking forward to your visit!

Marika Kramer, Local Representative


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