Sainte-Ménehould, France

Sainte- Ménehould – Bruchsal’s first Twin Town - has been a Twin Town since September 10, 1965. It is located off the Autobahn, between Saarbrücken and Paris, approximately 360 kilometers from Bruchsal in France’s Department Marne in the Champagne-Ardenne Region. Ste. Ménehould has about 4850 inhabitants.

There are many important and historical buildings in Ste. Ménehould. Among them is the oldest hospice in France, which was founded in 488. Ste. Ménehould also played a significant role in the French Revolution (1789-1793). It was here that King Louis XVI was recognized as he fled Paris and was pursued and arrested by Jean-Baptiste Drouet, Ste. Ménehould’s Postmaster.

Ste. Ménehould is also the birthplace of Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French Benedictine monk, who is credited with inventing the champagne that shares his name – Dom Pérignon. In addition, the city is also the proud capital of “pig’s feet” (“pied de cochon”), a local specialty.

City Hall Ste. Ménehould

For locals and tourists, the town and its surrounding area offer numerous recreational and leisure activity opportunities. And Ste. Ménehould’s proximity to Verdun-sur-Meuse provides an ideal opportunity for those wishing to investigate the First World War’s famous “Battle of Verdun”. For some years, Ste. Ménehould has been France’s national center for mountain bikers.

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