Gornja Radgona, Slowenia

Coat of Arms of Gornja Radgona

The municipality of Gornja Radgona is located in northeast Slovenia - about 780 kilometers from Bruchsal – on the River Mur, adjacent to the neighboring country of Austria. It has been Bruchsal’s twin town since July 16, 2006. Currently, the city has a population of 12,000. Since this partnership has been initiated and is maintained by clubs in Helmsheim , Gornja Radgona is the partner community of the Helmsheim District.

Gornja Radgona has a well-kept farming landscape. Grapevines grow along beautiful hillsides and ridges of this rolling terrain and provide the wine growing districts around Gornja Radgona with beautiful vistas and scenery. Gornja Radgona is famous around many parts of the world because of its wine. It is especially famous for its sparkling wine, "Zlata radgonska penina".

Church and former hospital Gornja Radgona

During the past few years, the town has developed an international exhibition center and attracted many famous companies, which has led to a substantial economic upturn.

On the castle hill, visible from a great distance, is the Gornja Radgona Castle which gives visitors a wonderful panorama of the region. The area can be investigated on foot or by bicycle with an occasional stop or rest at one of the numerous farms or refreshing wine taverns.

Further information: www.gor-radgona.si

Twin Town

Občina Gornja Radgona
Partizanska c. 13
Slo-9250 Gornja Radgona

Mayor Stanislav Rojko
Tel.: 00386/2564-38-00
Fax: 00386/2564-38-14

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