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Coat of Arms of Untergrombach

Approaching Untergrombach from the Rhine River Plain, you will immediately see the Michaelsberg Hill, from a distance. The hill – which has a chapel at the top - is our town’s distinctive landmark. Standing high above on the hill, you will be impressed by the view of the Rhine River Plain, the Palatine Mountains, the Odenwald Forest, and in the south, the foothills of the Black Forest. For nature lovers, the Michaelsberg Hill is a paradise with a variety of rare fauna and flora. You can start your discovery of Untergrombach at the Chapel on top of the hill, which will lead you to an adventure along vineyards, orchards, terraces, forests , meadows and other beautiful and interesting stops in and around Untergrombach.

Untergrombach has a remarkable history, dating from the Stone Age to the present. The Michaelsberg Hill is named after a 5,000 year old Neolithic culture – called the “Michelsberg Culture” – that was discovered on the Hill.

Joss Fritz is one of the most important historical figures in Untergrombach’s past. Fritz was an important farmer’s leader during the German Peasants' war and was born in Untergrombach around 1470. He fought for the rights and human dignity of the peasants. During the beginning of the 16th century he led rebellions in the Untergrombach and surrounding regions as well as in Alsace. Today, the Joss Fritz Brunnen fountain in the center of the town, and the Joss Fritz Festival, which takes place every two years, are both a memorial and tribute to this great peasant leader.

Upper Village of Untergrombach

Since 1843 Untergrombach has been linked to the railway network. The railway enabled and accelerated Untergrombach’s change from a farming community to a commuter town. Today, you can easily reach Untergrombach by city railway or by bus (“Max Bus”). At the Untergrombach Heimatmuseum (local history museum), located in the “Firstsäulen-Ständerhaus", the oldest timbered house in the Kraichgau, you will get an insight into the town’s history. A tour of the museum, provides interesting insights from the Stone Age up to the present. During the last two decades, Untergrombach has rapidly grown due to the new housing development area “Im Sand“.

In 2010, the new fire station and a new youth center were completed. A large new school complex for a new primary and secondary school is currently under construction.

Old School House Untergrombach

Untergrombach has a great deal to offer. There is much more for you to see such as, Untergrombach’s nature reserves with frogs and orchids, the Michaelserg Hill and its legends, the Baggersee (lake), viticulture (wine industry) and cigar factories. Our town is also full of many interesting people both past and present. Why don’t you see for yourself by stopping by Untergrombach. We look forward to your visit!

Karl Mangei, Local Representative


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