Bruchsal Palace

Bruchsal Palace, Photo M. Heintzen

This spacious palace complex, consisting of more than 50 individual buildings, was commissioned by Prince-Bishop Damian Hugo von Schoenborn (1676 to1743). After laying the foundation stone in 1722 it took several decades to complete the buildings. Like other buildings in the city, large parts of the Palace were also demolished in World War II. After the war, City officials were not sure if it would even be possible to rebuild it at all. However, in the 1950’s it was finally decided to rebuild the Palace. It took decades to rebuild the Palace with its Grand Reopening taking place on February 28, 1975. Today, the Palace is the home of the Städtische Museum (Town Museum) and the Deutsche Musikautomatenmuseum (German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments). Some of Its interior rooms which have been completely restored to their original state may be also rented by private persons for different events.
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Stadt Bruchsal
Hauptamt, Abt. IV
Kaiserstraße 66
76646 Bruchsal
Tel: 07251/79-456