Städtisches Museum (Town Museum) in the Bruchsal Barockschloss (Baroque Palace)

Bruchsal’s Städtisches Museum (Town Museum) is located on the third floor of the Baroque Palace and documents the history of the Bruchsal region from Stone Age until today.

The exhibition presents the prehistory and early history of the city; mineral collection, coins and medals of Bruchsal as well as archaeological findings from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages.

The museum also highlights the history of the penal system in Bruchsal from 1848 to the first half of the 20th century and the documentation of the town’s destruction on March 1, 1945 by Allied Bombers during World War II.

Stone Age

The museum’s “experimental archeology“exhibit features Michi, a life sized model of a Stone Age Boy and reproductions of stone aged tools and encourages “hands-on” participation from visitors as they explore the various exhibits. Michi gives both children and adults an understanding of life in the Stone Age village that once existed on the Michaelsberg Hill near the Untergrombach District. In some ways, everyday life from 6,000 years ago is brought to life each day in the museum. The “experimental archeology” presentations are supplemented and enriched through contributions from several school projects.

Tour for School Children

The one hour guided tour is ideal for students of all ages. The tour starts in the Neolithic age and then follows history to the Roman presence, the Alamanni (Alliance of German Tribes) and to Christianity. In the Franconia era it explores past religious ideas and beliefs. In addition, it studies prehistoric metaphysical beliefs as well as the variety of Roman gods and the destruction of religious icons by the Alamanni in 260 A.D. The ceiling paintings in the palace provide an idea about the cultural influence of the former Christian church.

Guided tours for classes, kindergartens and visitor groups are available through advanced reservations,

For additional information:

Phone 07251/79-253 or 07251/79-380, Fax 07251/7911-380,

Städtisches Museum (Geoportal/Stadtplan)

Museum hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Open on Mondays only on public holidays,
Closed on December 24, 25 and 31. Opens at 1:00 PM on  January 1

Cost of Admission:Adults 5,00 €
Reduced (pupils, students, severely handicapped persons)  2,50 €
Family Pass 12,50 €
Group rates from 20 persons up 4,50 € euros per person
(All prices include admission to the Baroque Palace and Deutsche Musikautomaten-Museum (German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments) 

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