The Belvedere


The Belvedere at the edge of the Stadtgarten Park was built in the middle of the 18th century as a Schiesshaus (shooting house) by Prince-Bishop Hutten’s master builder Leonhard Stahl. Originally, the view from the Belvedere to the Palace, the City and the Rhine Plain was unrestricted. However, today, this view is slightly obscured by surrounding buildings and lush vegetation. The building’s two towers with their Chinese baldachin style roofs, are an eye-catching architectural treasure, which reflect the fashion of the times. The building was restored in April of 2003 to its former elegance. For many years, the Belvedere has served as a venue for open-air concerts of the Bruchsal Symphony Orchestra, one of the oldest associations in town. The Belvedere is also used for open air presentations by the “Die Koralle” theater group.

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