Heimatmuseum (Local Museum) in the Untergrombach District

Peasant Leader Joss Fritz

The Untergrombach Heimatmuseum (Local Museum) is located in the “Firstsäulenständerhaus“. Built in 1428 - and the oldest timbered house in the Kraichgau - every room of the museum takes the visitor into another age in the village’s past.

The Museum features Untergrombach’s history of housing conditions, structure of ownership and living conditions, and a look into “grandma’s” kitchen of the past. Village culture and church life, as well as the history of schools and associations in the District, are also presented in the museum.

The museum also highlights the findings and information on Untergrombach’s prehistory and early history from the Neolithic “Michaelsberg Culture“ around 4200 to 3500 B.C. In addition, the life and influence of the Peasants’ Leader Joss Fritz (1460 to 1525) and the establishment of the old cigar factory, are featured as well.

The Untergrombach Heimatmuseum (Local Museum) , located at Obergrombacher Strasse 32, is open on the first Sunday of the month from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (except summer holidays). Guided tours by advanced reservations with Mr. Dietmar Konanz (telephone 07257/930090) can also be arranged

Heimatmuseum Untergrombach (Geoportal/Stadtplan)

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