Bergfried 2009

The Bergfried is the last remnant of the ancient “Alte Schloss (Old Castle)“. This square shaped tower is 38 meters (125 feet) high, and has 9.30 meters (30.5 feet) wide walls that are three meters (9.8 feet) thick. It was commissioned in 1358 under Bishop Gerhard von Ehrenberg, whose relief image can be found high on the east side of the building, along with his coat of arms and the coat of arms of the Stift Speyer Monastery. With over 650 years of history, the Bergfried is the oldest building in Bruchsal. From 1986 through 1987, it was integrated into the new Civic Center, given a new roof, and opened to the public . Wall charts inside the tower provide information about the different eras in the city’s history. Visitors who want to visit the Bergfried can ask for a key at the tourist information desk (a small security deposit is required). Every two years, the “Bergfried Spectaculum” turns the surrounding “Bürgerpark” (Public Park) into a medieval market with dealers, jugglers, musicians and other participants. Thousands of people come to Bruchsal to participate in the Spectaculum. The motto of Bruchsal’s Medieval Market is “Free Admission!”        

Bergfried um 1930

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