Twin towns

Bruchsal and its surrounding communities (Heidelsheim, Helmsheim, Büchenau, Obergrombach and Untergrombach) have maintained partnerships with five European towns:

Sainte Ménehould
(France) since September 10, 1965

(Wales) since October 3, 1979

(France) since July 12, 1989

Gornja Radgona
(Slovenia) since July 16, 2006

(Italy) since December 7, 2008

In addition to the town partnerships, different institutions, associations, and schools within Bruchsal and its Twin Towns are in constant contact with each other. This helps to strengthen existing friendships, establish contacts for future relationships and encourage learning, sharing and collaboration in such areas as education, economics and administration. Twin towns are an important component for communities in Europe because they promote peaceful coexistence among nations and help to preserve and protect the peace in Europe.


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