Volterra, Italy

Coat of Arms of Volterra

Since December 7, 2008, Volterra has been the fifth and youngest twin town of Bruchsal. The first contacts were made in December 1984 by nature lovers from Bruchsal whom had traveled to Volterra.

Volterra is an ancient town in the Italian province of Pisa and has about 11,300 inhabitants. It is located on a rocky hill 550 meters above the Cecina Valley. Its towering city walls are visible from great distances. Its scenic landscape makes Volterra one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. Many ancient findings from the Etruscan and Roman Periods, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are kept in Volterra.

Volterra Palazzo dei Priori

The magnificent castles and churches, the Etruscan town gate "Porta all’Arco", the Roman theater and the City Hall "Palazzo dei Priori" of the Middle Ages, rank among the most popular architectural tourist features of Volterra. The “Palazzo dei Priori” is thought to be one of the oldest city halls in Italy. At the archaeological museum - “Museo Etrusco Guarnacci“ - there are many Etruscan gravestones and burial objects to visit.

Further evidence of the town’s Etruscan heritage is found through the traditional alabaster craft. The town is still characterized by alabaster mining and processing. In Volterra alone, there are 50 different kinds of alabaster as well as numerous workshops where the visitor can view precious craftworks.

Furhter information: www.volterratur.it

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